Sien Estudio is a cutting-edge and contemporary design firm, specializing in development and manufacture of premium furniture, positioning itself as one of the most recognized and important creative studios within the design industry in Chile.

Our origin and essence is based on research, conceptualization and production of modern furniture through an architectural perspective, acquiring a strong knowledge in building techniques, using high-quality components, with special attention to detail, fine finishes and functionality, but above all, with a great aesthetic inspired by the minimalist movement.

All our challenges, from the most complex architectural project until more basic furniture, obey specific and differentiating solutions that meet the real needs of our clients located at the core of our organization leading us to take our creative capability to the limit.

Sien Estudio is not just a cool and unique design firm but a deep underground movement that symbolizes a new way of life that attracts more and more people every day. We are essentially an experience focused on improving the quality of life through the design of furniture and projects; our passion is nurtured by the satisfaction of our clients and by our purpose of making this world a better place to live in.

We want you to be a part of this movement; we want to get to know who you really are, and to become a part of your life, by designing and creating things that will ultimately become unique and fantastic for you. We are Sien.

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Javier Ramirez

Julián Vignolo

Rodrigo Aguirre

Javier Cortes

Isaías Ibarra

Roberto Lorca